Kurland GmbH is one of leading companies specialized in mounting PV Solar systems. Our second business direction is electrical installations such as for medical and office buildings, storage facilities and supermarkets, though our main course is PV Solar installations. We have successfully installed many Solar Systems in EU countries. We have sister companies in United Kingdom and Norway to give us needed support for projects in these countries. Krland GmbH has installed more than 250 MW of solar installations and all these solar projects are successfully completed right in time and all are successfully put in operation. We believe this is a great achievement, because almost always Solar PV projects have short completion times and often have delays due to construction legislation or standards.

The second aspect, that is very important to us, is that our company is professional in many ways regarding construction field and by that we mean that we are more than able too construct Solar PV installation from A to Z including building of fence and access roads, IT communication network and CCTV installation. We point this out, because we feel that it is very important for a client that construction company can offer all works, which reduces time consumed and the project can be done with less worries and in shorter terms.

That is why our motto is - We don’t make things difficult, we construct difficult things!

If you have decided we are your company you want to work with, we would be happy to welcome you with your project to us!